Here, you don’t find the perfect shoe.

The perfect shoe finds you.

Shoes are the magic that pulls your whole look together.
But too often, the search is anything but magical.

Instead, you comb shelf after shelf, box after box.
Nothing fits. Nothing matches. Nothing feels like you.
Except that one pair that every one of your neighbors already owns.

We envisioned a store where every woman and teen – traditional to trendsetting – could find the sophisticated soles that called her name.

Where you could…

Count on a huge, varied selection.


knowledgeable, caring service.

Leave with

shoes that capture your unique flair.

Today, that vision has become the Step In Elegance reality.

Confidence in every step. It’s the passion that drives us.

We’ve been immersed in the world of shoes since 1996, and our standards have only risen. Because we’re not just selling shoes. We’re weaving an experience. And when it comes to taking care of our customers, there’s no bar too high.

Selection masters.

With a wide clientele like ours, we make sure everyone can find a brand and look they love – that won’t match everyone else in town. Delight in a huge variety of shoes that match your style and comfort needs.

“My teenage daughter had such a hard time finding shoes she liked that actually fit her. At Step In Elegance we found shoes she loved! This store literally has everything; you can’t not find something here.


→ Our budget-friendly basement outlet (where our non-leather shoes live) is a shoe lover’s candy store.

Trendsetting comfort.

Staying trendy and staying on your feet isn’t a contradiction. We’re constantly monitoring the fashion forecast to bring you the latest in exclusive styles, then matching them with thoughtful touches that keep you looking and feeling great. 

“With my kind of feet, I hadn’t gotten new shoes in years. But Step In Elegance surprised me with an uber-classy pair made with special fabric and padding. I remember laughing in disbelief when I first tried them on, and I’ve been enjoying them since.”

- Shira

→  Unique materials, closed fronts, and padding are just some of the ways we invest in your comfort.

Team who cares.

We know how hard you work to juggle it all. Here, you get the five-star service you give everyone else, and that starts and ends with a team who’s compassionate to your needs and schedule.

“They’re kind, they’re smart, they’re fast. Usually, you leave a shoe store and you’re like, “Thank you so much.” When you shop at Step In Elegance, you’re like, “Oh my gosh, THANK YOU!!”

- Rivka

Pssst. Happy starts at the helm.

The secret to our superb service is the camaraderie behind closed doors. Employee appreciation nights and celebrations enrich us with continued passion for working our magic for you.

It’s more than just shoes.

We love shoes, but we love you more. Pre-season launches are some of our favorite days because that’s when we get to spend time with you. Coffee and brunch included. Stay tuned by following us on Instagram.

Setting new standards.

Largest selection.

Find exactly what you want

Sharpest looks.

Exclusive styles that feel better

Warmest service

Knowledgeable input on fashion and fit

Experience the Step In Elegance magic.