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  1. The quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style.

  2. Dignified gracefulness or restrained beauty of style


Step In Elegance is the tri-state area’s premier retailer of affordable high end footwear for the discerning woman.  Our extensive collection includes shoes and accessories for all seasons and occasions. From the flair of a fashionable pair of boots, to the sophistication of the latest trends in heels, to the simple poise and dignity of beautiful flats, we can help you look your best no matter where life will take you.

Conveniently located in the heart of Lakewood, our elegant store has been renowned for its superb customer service since the Step In Elegance name was born in 1996.  Come by and check out our signature relaxed atmosphere and helpful, knowledgeable sales team for an enjoyable, no-stress shopping experience.  We are focused on taking the anxiety out of shoe shopping by using a personalized approach to determine the perfect shoes for your wardrobe.  We know that no two people have the same personality and tastes, and we pride ourselves on the ability to work with our customers to find the right style for their needs and budget.  Confused and overwhelmed by the fast pace of today’s styles and fashion?  Don’t know what goes well with that favorite outfit of yours?  We get it.  Our team is passionate about educating our customers and helping them find the shoe that makes them comfortable with who they are.

We believe that true beauty should not have to come with a hefty price tag.  With shoes of all price ranges, including an outlet section, our customers keep coming back for the value and quality that defines us.  

Even the hardest to please are sure to find something amongst our tremendous variety that speaks to them.  And here at Step In Elegance, you will find many styles designed specifically for us that you cannot find elsewhere.  We know a thing or two about what today’s women want.  And we are constantly on the lookout for ways to tastefully outfit our loyal customers with the finest looks around.

Wherever you find yourself, look around and find a Step In Elegance customer.  They’re the ones with the confidence in their step, and they’ll be thrilled to tell you about their experience here.


Stop by or give us a call today, and see what the Step In Elegance experience can do for you!